V8 Supercars

Over the years, Australia has been the birthplace of many global sensations: 90% of the world’s opal supply, the first government to pay women’s pensions, feature film, electronic pacemakers, the first official world surfing championships. These are just a few examples. Today, the Australian pride, V8 Supercars is spreading across the globe like wildfire.

As the title suggests, V8 Supercars is a racing series all about the world’s most impressive and modern, V8-powered super-cars. It has been sanctioned by the FIA as an international racing series, and has a growing, off-shore event list. The United States is the only other country to house a racing circuit more popular than Formula 1 Racing. The American equivalent is Nascar.

With this said, it is quite natural to next want to compare Nascar and V8 Supercars. Which one is better? Well, if you are to judge based on entertainment value, V8 Supercars is simply the winner.

Nascar follows a more oval-track ideology. V8 Supercars tracks are more diverse, providing more of a show than the typical “”around and around.”" Nascar drivers are romanticized as regular guys in popular culture while they live from private jets and yachts. V8 Supercars cars are also much better designed for racing and looking at.

In fact, Nascar’s U.S. Television provider, Speed Network, is currently piloting V8 Supercars races. And in 2013, it is said that V8 Supercars events will be held in the United States. Why, you ask?

The answer is that V8 Supercars is seen as a possible upgrade to the old, antiquated Nascar series. So brace yourself America. Your excitement in automotive racing may soon be rejuvenated. This is V8 Supercars and it’s coming your way very soon.