Motorcycle Racing in Australia

Motorcycle racing in Australia can either be competitive or non competitive. Competitive racing goes on all year round. Plus competition can start as young as age 7 and it includes both males and females.

Motorcycle racing in Australia goes further back than 1928 when the Auto Council of Australia was formed. From that time until 1972 the ACCA held biennial conferences, and then they became annual conferences. In 1975 they affiliate the ACCA with the Federation International de Motorcyclisme (FIM), thus becoming international. It was also an amateur sport until 1980. Then in 1992 it changed its name from ACCA to Motorcycling Australia. Today it has over 21,000 competitors with more than 3000 registered officials and over 350 affiliated clubs.

The racing year starts in January with the Australian Solo Speedway Championship Round 1 and ends in December with the Australian Under 16 Junior Sidecar Speedway Championship with races held every month in between. The events are also held all over Australia.
You do have to have a license in order to participate. The license that is required is dependent upon which event you plan on competing in. There are also grants and scholarships available to the riders to help them be able to afford competing.

If competing is not what you want to do there is the Australian Riders Division. This is Motorcycling Australia’s non-competitive side. It helps promote motorcycling by providing road side assistance, rider training and liability insurance for various clubs and tour operators. The Australian Riders Division not only has individual memberships but it also has club memberships.