Casey Stoner

The verdict is still out on whether the life and short, but stellar career of Casey Stoner is a true tale of success, or a bittersweet ending. His fans and followers would profess that he is certainly headed for legendary status. They will however, find themselves bashing-heads with those who have booed him for certain professional decisions.

Casey Stoner, the Kurri Kurri, NSW native that took the motorcycle grand prix racing world by storm announced he would retire from 250cc racing at the end of the 2012 season. For anyone that religiously follows Australian motorcycling and competition, this was the shocker of the century. After all, Casey has a miraculous golden streak because he tends to win every event that he enters. Also, at the ripe old age of 27, he has struck a new prodigious standard for any other Aussie that thinks they can “make it” in the world of motorcycle racing.

It’s sad, but understandable that Casey’s decision to quit motorcycle racing grand prix-style is based on personal conviction. He stated publicly that he is just not having fun anymore, and the motorcycle racing lifestyle is too intertwined with rampant, unforgiving commercialism. This is all the more reason Casey deserves an honored place amongst Australia’s greatest athletes and superstars. At such a young age, he has learned, in spades, why Aussies take pride in their fierce independence. No magnificent wall of trophies could ever overshadow that conviction. Simply put, if he’s had enough–then he’s had enough! Nobody can fault an extreme achiever for wanting to bow-out on a high moral note.

Casey Stoner’s fan base will be glad to hear that his plan is not to become bitter and idle (although some lesser men would). He has given thought to dabbling in the world of V8 Supercar racing. With his apparent youth, stamina and “cool” head, he could just become the next Australian cross-sport megastar.